Interest Rates Are Low But Rising – Looking to Get Some Deals Unstuck?

Now may be the time to close deals before interest rates rise even more than they have recently.

Those who follow the stock and Treasury Bill markets know that interest rates are on the rise… not by a little, but by a lot. If you have customers that haven’t pulled the trigger, now is the time to call them. Let them know that if they are going to finance their project, don’t wait, finance it now because rates are going up.

Many interest rates that effect you, as a consumer or business, are tied to the Treasury Rate. Given the recent stimulus efforts, which are intended to bolster the economy, consumers are spending more and businesses are hiring. A growing economy usually means higher interest rates that effect you and me, like mortgage rates and business loans. Allianz CEO Oliver Bäte recently told CNBC that, “because of the massive programs that have happened, the stimulus that is happening, the dollar being the world’s reserve currency, there is clearly a trend to stoke inflation and it is going to come… but the interest rates have been steepening and they should be steepening further.”

The bottom line? Get on the phone, call your customers, and let them know that project costs are increasing. If they plan to buy this year, now is probably the “sweet spot” to get it done.

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