Innovation in Site Surveys & Energy Audits Can Help Reach Climate Goals by 2050

by Derek LaClair, MBA

man replacing unit

Recently, I was sitting in a conference hall in Albany, NY and I heard something that put into perspective just how far we have to go to meet our climate goals. During a speech by Georges Sassine, Vice President of Large Scale Renewables at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), he said that, according to NYSERDA’s research, to reach our 2050 climate goals, New York State (NYS) alone would need to perform energy efficient retrofits on 200,000 buildings every year for the next 28 years.

I was so taken aback by this statistic that I had to track Mr. Sassine down after the panel discussion to confirm it – sure enough, the State had found that a stunning 70% of NYS buildings were built before the State’s energy-efficient building codes were put into place. That all added up to over 5,600,000 buildings needing substantial upgrades before 2050.

I couldn’t help but begin to zoom out a bit. If New York has this much work to do, what about the United States as a whole? Well, I found that if we use the ratio of the building stock of NYS and that of the United States as a proxy, this would suggest that a staggering 2,590,000 buildings need to be retrofitted every year for the next 28 years. Said another way, over 7,000 commercial, industrial, and residential buildings need to be retrofitted every day for the next three decades.

We’ve got our work cut out for us.

And, as those in our industry know all too well, every one of these retrofits begins with a site survey – before we can even propose upgrades in a building, we have to know what’s there first. It would only be logical that with this sort of demand on the way, we simply can’t rely on an inefficient and inaccurate site survey process that relies on outdated methods like pen, paper, and fat-fingering information into a mobile spreadsheet or Excel. It is clear that to have any chance of reaching these goals, we need a paradigm shift in the way we capture and manipulate data in the built environment.

It is this challenge that prompted EMPEQ to create Fast Site Survey®. Fast Site Survey creates efficiency and accuracy never before seen in the industry. With just one click of a smartphone’s camera, all crucial building equipment data is captured, digitized, and export-ready to any of 3,000 different software. We’re challenging all site auditors to #dropthepen and pick up Fast Site Survey – the results will be a 60-80% reduction in time spent on site surveys and a data log that will be 400% more accurate than manual methods.

After contemplating the daunting task ahead of us, our industry needs to increase efficiency, accuracy, and capacity in any way we can. In order to meet the challenge of retrofitting 7,100 buildings every day for the next 28 years, we simply cannot afford to allow site surveys and energy audits to become the bottleneck. We all care about fighting climate change and, for anyone performing site surveys, the best thing you can do is sign up for your free trial of Fast Site Survey today and see the effectiveness for yourself.