#DropThePen! How To Do Fast and Error-Free Building Audits or Site Surveys

by Herbert Dwyer

Studies have shown that manual data entry results in up to 4 errors per 100 data points created1. Think about that for a moment. As an engineer and/or building auditor, every time we type in a model number, serial number, SEER rating, efficiency rating, or any other equipment spec, there is somewhere around a 4% chance that what ends up in Excel or in our energy model is going to have a mistake. Now multiply that by the amount of data points we need for a good report and that makes the odds incredibly high that literally every model and/or inventory we create contains multiple errors. And this isn’t even considering that most of the time we are transcribing these specifications from pictures of nameplates that probably look like this: Or that we are using our pen and legal pad to write down model numbers that have as many characters as this one: When you take everything into account, it’s no wonder that we’re making so many mistakes. As auditors, we demand efficiency, accuracy, and precision in everything we do. Yet, when it comes to collecting the crucial data we need for our reports, we accept inefficiencies and mistakes as just part of our everyday process. And believe me, I’ve been there – you won’t meet anyone more obsessed with getting things right, but, one time, my team and I had to go to the same building four times to collect missing or incorrect information. This all begs the question, why do we keep relying on a process that lets us down time and time again? My friends, I have one very simple piece of advice for you: #DROPTHEPEN! We built Fast Site Survey® to make pen, paper, and all of the worst parts of being an auditor disappear forever. Now, one click of your smartphone’s camera captures all the information we need to create the most accurate, detailed reports and models possible in the industry. Leave the legal pad in the truck and ditch the Bic. You’ll still want your smartphone, but the only thing you will need it for is the Fast Site Survey app. Because, when you take your pictures in the app, that 4% manual data entry error rate? – it’s gone in a flash. And we can’t talk about #DropThePen without also saying goodbye to the absolute most awkward and tedious parts of the job. Nobody likes aggravating the on-site maintenance professional because we’re meticulously writing all of the specs by hand; they just want us off their roof ASAP so they can go to lunch. And let’s not forget about all of the wasted hours mind-numbingly typing in either that chicken scratch we wrote on-site or deciphering model numbers from blurry smartphone pictures. We can promise you will never experience any of that again with Fast Site Survey. Honestly, we just couldn’t stand accepting the status quo – there had to be a better, more accurate, more efficient way. We think we have found it. So please join us: #DropThePen and pick up Fast Site Survey!

1 https://www.ocrolus.com/blog/human-error-8-eye-popping-sets-of-stats-and-examples/#:~:text=1.,that%20affects%20even%20small%20datasets.

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